Electrical & Mechanical

Our team leverages the newest technologies in electrical instrumentation and control services, while following all industry-approved standards. Our goal at SEFA is to keep our clients' facilities running as efficiently as possible. We work closely with our customers to be prepared and ready for every type of maintenance situation. SEFA is experienced in both planned and unscheduled maintenance for every facility lifecycle. 

desigN, installation, & maintenance 

For large-scale design and installation of equipment, or specialized industrial projects, we want to be your partner of choice. Our industrial construction capabilities include designing, procuring, installing, and maintaining equipment and facilities. We have the extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge necessary to safely, reliably, and accurately install a wide variety of controls. SEFA complies with all local and national electrical codes, allowing us to safely and efficiently inspect and repair multiple types of facilities.


Scheduled maintenance is a crucial aspect of maintaining an efficient facility. SEFA is well equipped to schedule, plan, and document the necessary maintenance to prevent future interruptions. This allows our clients' facilities to run more effectively, and with exact maintenance time being prearranged, the necessary resources can be available to use immediately. Maintenance will be completed on your schedule for minimal impact on the facility's operations.


Unplanned maintenance is unavoidable at some point in a facility's lifecycle. SEFA is adept at responding to urgent maintenance issues - often diagnosing reasons for equipment failure and the repair work needed. Corrective maintenance requires time spent inspecting and determining the problem, in addition to creating an efficient plan to get operations running as fast as possible, both of which SEFA excels at doing.